Terms of Service

  1. The Client must complete the payment in full within 7 days of the Etsy listing link or invoice being sent. Work will not start before payment is received. Payment plans can be made for commissions over 2000 SEK.

  2. By commissioning the Artist, the Client understands and agrees that a physical product will not be mailed for Digital artwork. The Client will receive a Digital file of the commissioned artwork.

  3. The Client will make the payment in SEK. Etsy automatically makes it so that the payment is made in the correct currency.

  4. The Client has the opportunity to request changes during the thumbnail/sketching stage, and small changes can be made during the coloring stage. Significant changes may increase the commission hours and will be billed separately. Small changes can be made after the commission is complete.

  5. If the Client wishes to cancel their commission before work begins, the Artist will retain 5% of the commission payment in SEK. During the sketching stage, 50% can be refunded. No refund will be issued during the coloring stage or after the commission is finished. If the Artist cancels the commission, the Client will receive a 100% refund.

  6. Communications about commission between the Artist and Client will go through e-mail only, 

  7. The Client will receive updates via e-mail on their commission. Public updates will also be made via, DeviantART (HannasArtStudio), Furaffinity (Spike654), Instagram (HannasArtStudio), Facebook (HannasArtStudio), Tumblr (HannasArtStudio) and Twitter (HannasArtStudio).

  8. The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork. Image rights can be negotiated for an additional cost. 

  9. The Artist retains the right to display commissioned work on personal galleries, websites, and social media and to include it in art books. The Client may not profit from the artwork in any way, including selling prints, merchandise, original file, or rights to the image.

  10. The Client may create up to four prints for personal use, display in their home, or give as gifts. The Client can resize or crop the artwork to use as wallpaper or icons for non-commercial use, but the Client can not alter the artwork itself. The Client can upload a watermarked low-resolution image on their website or gallery with a credit line to the Artist.

  11. The Artist can use rejected thumbnails/sketches for other commissions or personal use.

  12. The Client must read and agree to all the above terms before commissioning the Artist. By sending payment, the Client agrees to the terms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Contact information:

For commission inquiries:

For questions, you can either e-mail me or contact me on DeviantART or Furaffinity

What programs, tools, materials, etc., do you use?

I use Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Intuos Pro graphic tablet for digital art. 

For traditional art, I use several different media, but mostly:

Graphite drawings - I use Smooth Bristol paper (various brands), Faber-Castell pencils, eraser, kneaded eraser, blending stump/tissues/q-tips for blending/smudging, white gel pens.

Mixed media drawings - toned paper, Promarkers, Faber-Castell color pencils, Copics, gel pens

What subjects are you willing to draw?

Original characters (no trademarked characters!), pets, wildlife, people (no celebrities)

I will not draw adult themes. Some gore is all right.

What subjects do you love to draw, and what are you not experienced with?

I love drawing animals. Especially canines, big cats, and fantasy creatures like werewolves and dragons!

I am not very experienced with drawing buildings, vehicles, and plants.

Do you take free art Requests?


Do you take trades?


Time of completion?

Large works: up to 8 months from start

Small works: up to 3 months from start

Will customers receive prints of their Digital Commission?

No, once a digital commission is complete and fully paid for, you will receive a high-resolution digital file of your commission that you can print yourself/order prints from printing companies, etc. You're allowed to get up to 4 art prints done for personal use ONLY 

Will traditional commissions be shipped to the customer?

Yes! Once a traditional commission (graphite pencil drawings, mixed media drawings, etc.) is finished and fully-paid, it will be shipped to you.

What is your process for commissions?

For character and wildlife commissions, I start with making 3-4 thumbnail sketches for you to choose from. Then I do a refined sketch, to which minor changes are allowed. Once the final sketch is approved, I start coloring.