Digital Portraits & Illustrations

Digital Portraits & Illustrations

Please read the ToSFAQ, and the info on this page before sending me an e-mail! E-mail info and any questions you have to to get an accurate price quote! 


  • Personal use: 200 SEK/Hour
  • Commercial use: Rights and costs will be discussed personally with the Client!

*Price is not including TAX*

  • Non-EU countries: TAX/VAT (rate depends on your location. If applicable, Etsy will automatically add it to your order)
  • EU VAT: 25%

Payment info:

  • EU Clients: You will be sent an invoice via e-mail from
  • Non-EU Clients: The payment will be via Etsy. I will put up a reserved listing for you to purchase. You can use PayPal or a debit/credit card as payment methods. Etsy adds TAX automatically to your order if applicable! 

Basic size guide:

 All artwork will be done in 300dpi

  • A7 - 874 x 1240 px
  • A6 - 1240 x 1748 px
  • A5 - 1748 x 2480 px
  • A4 - 2480 x 3508 px
  • *Other sizes/dimensions are okay, please specify in your info*

Hours, size, and background detail level are specified on each example listed below to give you an idea of how many hours your commission can take. Pets, original characters, wildlife, and people portraits are accepted.

*Please note* that bigger sizes, full-body, anthro/were, complex markings, accessories/clothing, multiple individuals, detailed backgrounds, and people portraits require more hours. Please send me an e-mail with commission info and references to get an accurate price quote!

Your e-mail should include the following:

  • Your Legal Name and Complete Address (for tax purposes)
  • Additional contact info if available, username/handle on DeviantART, Furaffinity, or social media.
  • Preferred size (A7/ A6 / A5 / A4 / Other, please specify)
  • Chest-up, half body, or full body
  • Subject (Pet, people, character, or wildlife)
  • Subject's name
  • Reference(s)! For pets/people, the more reference photos, the better! Preferable in soft daylight. Character references should be clear with unique traits, either obvious or listed, and preferably include color samples. *You may either attach references as images on the e-mail or include a hotlink to a gallery such as Google Photos or Dropbox*
  • For animals/characters, please include the name of species/breed. Please be as specific as possible. For example, Saber-toothed tiger is vague. Smilodon and Thylacosmilus are specific. Tiger is unclear, but Sumatran tiger, Bengal Tiger, Malayan tiger, Amur tiger, and Indo-Chinese tiger would be specific. 
  • Background (No Background, Simple, Detailed)
  • Description! I work best with loose/simple descriptions.